Taking the Plunge

I was in Bangkok earlier this year discussing the value of using online portfolios and increased student agency; when a colleague of mine stated “oh yeah, I just bought a new domain name at lunch.”

“I’m sorry,” I replied somewhat breathlessly “did you say ‘over lunch’?”

Sure enough, while we had been discussing the value of controlling your digital impact and modeling this for our students – this cheeky fellow had literally bought his own domain name and started up five new Gmail accounts while I was pleasantly slurping down my pad thai noodles (yes, they were delicious, thank you) at lunch and being none the wiser.

I couldn’t believe it! I’d been toying with idea of starting my own website to help my students (and possibly some of the educators I’ve met as well) for years. But. I’d. Done. Nothing. Since. Whereas this guy is already online and accomplishing his dreams of being a workshop leader and an mathematical entrepreneur in the blink of an eye, and all I’ve got is a bunch of fuzzy-wuzzy feelings?

No sir. Not today.

Thus, I present to you my inaugural attempt at building a long desired stamp on the internet: Everything Lang & Lit. It may not be the best title, but I needed to start somewhere. More to the point, I hope for this to be something of a catch-all for the enormous amount of ideas that pour relentlessly from my brain.

Need a resource? We’ve got that. Need some cramming tips? Help is on the way. Need to connect with like-minded lit geeks who love discussing Kafka into the wee hours of morning? Look no further. Everything Lang & Lit has got you covered.

“Education is a wonderful thing. Provided you always remember that nothing worth knowing can ever be taught.” — Oscar Wilde