Part II – The Media Cycle

Unit – The Media Cycle

What are the 7 (now possibly 8) different mediums through which we can be reached? Although the internet has changed some of the ways we consume said media, it could be argued that very little has changed. In this unit you will be introduced to the idea that your views are being cultivated by that which you consume, and that which you consume is often dictated by your peers or current trends.


For this unit you will complete a Further Oral Activity [FOA] and a Written Task 1 [WT1].

Areas of Knowing:


Ways of Knowing:


Successful Titles from Student Work:

Regal, Lucie. “New Year New Me – but not for Logan Paul: How Logan Paul crossed a ‘hidden line’ by filming a suicide a posting it on YouTube.” October 2018.

Okazaki, Dina. “Freemium Games – The Simple Marketing Strategy that is taking over your phone.” October 2018.

Useful Stories & Links:

Casey Newton. “5 Biggest takeaways from Zuckerberg’s appearance before the Senate.”The Verge. 10 Apr 2018. 

Stewart, Emily. “Ronan Farrow, NBC News, and how the network missed the Harvey Weinstein story, explained.” Vox News. 4 Sept 2018.

The Daily Show. “Are social media companies silencing conservatives?” YouTube. 9 Sept 2018.

Osnos, Evan. “Can Zuckerberg fix Facebook before it break democracy?” 17 Sept 2018.